Once-off setup fee : R2495
This fee is an initial joining and setup fee.

Report creation fee : R0.76 per report
* A minimum fee of R435 applies

A school of 1000 learners: (1000 x 76c) = R760
A school of 1300 learners: (1300 x 76c) = R988
A school of 400 learners: (400 x 76c) = R304 and a minimum fee of R435 will apply

* Note: The Report creation fee is not a monthly fee, but only applicable with the compilation of a new set of reports - per Term.
** All reports will remain active for 1 year.

How to pay

We want you to first make sure the system meets your expectations. Sign up and finalize all your reports. All functions will work without limitation, except for the word "Demo Copy" that will be displayed on reports. To remove this watermark, a payment can be made via EFT.